AP U.S. History Test Tips

The AP US History test, or APUSH test, is one of the most difficult exams to study. It involves a lot of reading and the test structure gets revised very frequently. You need to create a very good study plan in order to make sure that you study very effectively and get a good grade on the test.

Before you go ahead and try to draft one, here are a few useful study tips for the APUSH that you should know.

Understand the structure of the test

Knowing what you have to go through in the test would help you prepare for it more effectively. The APUSH test has 4 different parts – multiple choices, short essay, historical data analysis, and a long essay. This means you have to familiarize yourself with facts, learn how to create and support a historical argument, and master analyzing historical evidence and data. Evaluate where you need to focus and take that into consideration when you create your study plan.

Choose good review materials

Memorizing dates, names, and places will not be the key to passing this test. You have to understand the historical events. Find the best AP US History book that can help you with that. Choose the ones that explain the most important topics in detail, utilize timelines and infographics to make it easier for you to understand the chronological order of events, and have useful practice tests that will prepare you for the actual exam. You can read some reviews on the best APUSH test prep books here:  http://www.bestapreviewbooks.com/ap-us-history/

Some of the most highly recommended APUSH review books include The American Pageant by Thomas Bailey, Cracking the AP US History Exam by The Princeton Revie, and The Kaplan AP US History Book by Krista Dornbush, Steve Mercado, and Diane Vecchio.

Practice answering essay questions

You have a very limited time to answer the essay section of the exam and there are lots of questions to answer. So, it is important to practice formulating your answer swiftly without compromising the quality. You should also master how to condense ideas into a few sentences. Remember, the essays make up a huge part of your total score, so you should invest time and effort in mastering them.

Watch highly informative documentaries

Watching documentaries can be very helpful if you want to focus reviewing on a certain time period. Most of these materials have great analysis on the events and you get to learn from a different perspective. Look for documentaries where they interview experts on the subject or people who lived through the time period. The varying perspectives will help you understand the event better.

Visit museums

Museums are home to history experts who are very well-versed on relics, paintings, and historical documents. You can also pay them a visit to learn more and ask about the things that confuse you. Plus, strolling in museums can relax your mind for a short while without wasting your study time.

The Bottom line

The APUSH test may be one of the most tiring subjects to study. These tips will help you use your time more effectively, so make an effort to follow them and stay disciplined. You will thank yourself after you pass the exam with flying colors