History Of Our Culture

Who has conquered Afghanistan?
First of all, Afghanistan is a mountainous landlocked country in Central and South Asia. Afghanistan has’s land area has been invaded in record histry, but no invader has been able to control all of its regions at one time. Some of Afghanistan’s invadors include Indians, Alexander the Great, kharaz empire , Genghis Khan, Timur, various Persian Empires, British Empire,…

The list goes on.

How was Afghanistan created?
The first ruler of Durrani, Ahmad Shah, united the Pashtun tribes. By 1760, he built an empire extending to Delhi and the Arabian Sea.

Why did the war in Afghanistan happen?
Really, the war started because there was mounting pressure for Afghan leaders to hand over Osama Bin Laden. When the Taliban didn’t comply, the US decided to use for with their armed forces. In October 2001, the US began bombing Afghanistan. They targeted Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda fighters and also the Taliban.